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This is a unique collage of +100 greatest conquerors to have walked the face of the earth. Among whom Emperors, Kings, Sultans, Pharaohs, Popes, Khans, Warriors, Gladiators, Samurais, Leader tribes, Generals and more.

The portrait order of sequence is based on alphabetical order.

- This print is ideal for history fanatics and for anyone who seeks inspiration from the portraits of all these courageous men and women.

Timur aka Tamerlane.
Hannibal Barka.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Francisco Pizarro
Cyrus the Great
Julius Caesar
Attila the Hun
Alexander the Great

Premium jersey round collar men's t-shirt. Short sleeves, tubular body.

100% semi-combed Ringspun cotton jersey
Reinforcing tape on neck
Elastane rib collar
190 gsm

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